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Naughty Teen Kimberly Brix Spanked By Mom

Kimberly Brix is cute young teen girl with a curvy bottom. Her mom Clare Fonda is very unhappy with her naughty daughter. Little Kimberly has been told multiple times to wash the dishes. But she has ignored her mother’s requests. Her mother has had enough of her daughter’s insolence and bad behavior. Momma Clare decides that it’s time to teach her daughter a lesson and show her who’s really in charge!

Mommy puts her naughty teen over the knee for a punishment spanking she won’t soon forget. With her skirt pulled up,
Kimberly is first spanked over her crisp white panties. Her young bottom is already starting to redden. Kim’s mother pulls her teen daughter’s panties down and increases the force of the hand spanking.

She’s humiliated with her bare bottom exposed to the sting of her mother’s firm handed swats. But mom isn’t finished disciplining her naughty daughter yet. She pulls out a wooden spoon and proceeds to spank her daughter bare bottom until she’s red and sore. Kimberly’s naughty little bottom in stinging. She won’t be able to sit anytime soon so her mother orders her to wash the dishes with her red bottom bared and reflect on her bad behavior!


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